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5/24/2018 : 9:36 am : +0200

Honefoss (near to Oslo), Norway

13th European Seminar


Blessings and challenges of diversity 

God created His creation in a marvelous variety not
only the flowers but also the humans. At the same time we find
ourselves in a world in which the different languages​​, cultures,
religions and different looks move closer in our daily lives .
Sometimes home feels strange to us, sometimes we are fascinated
by the strange, sometimes the difference is the Source of our
renewal. At the European Seminar Laymen from about 15 different
countries in Europe meet each other in order to read the Bible,
to reflect on issues of society and the Church and to live together
and celebrate for a week. God given Diversity will be a blessing.

Date an organizer

13st to 19th July 2013

Bildungswerk of the UMC Germany
Giebelstr,. 16 D-70499 Stuttgart

Fax. ++49(0)711/86006-99

Lifelong Learning Program

The conference was partly sponsored in 2004 and 2008 by the European Commission. The organizer of the conference is solely responsible for the content of the information published here. The Commission is not liable for further use of its content.

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